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Ridgid OL50135 Air Compressor

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  • Ridgid OL50135 Air Compressor

    I picked up a used OL50135 Ridgid Air Compressor. Does anyone have a PDF manual for this model? I have downloaded the OL50135W manual, as it appears to be a very similar model?? Ridgid website doesn't seem to have the OL50135 listed.

    Also, is it a pipe dream to even think I could do a small (cast-iron tea kettle) sandblasting job with this unit? I bought a Husky sandblasting kit from HD that claims @40psi it uses 4.4 SCFM, so it seems it might be doeable at 40PSI but no way at the 90PSI/9.6 SCFM?

    Also the manual for the OL50135W says to use only synthetic SAE 5W40 oil, I bought some "air compressor" oil that is SAE 30... is it really a big difference?


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    Re: Ridgid OL50135 Air Compressor

    If I am not mistaken, this model comes in a few different forms, but should have the same motors. The "OL" in the model stands for oil lubed. The "W" at the end of the model is for the wheeled version, just as the "AL" is the aluminum twin stack within the same model line. Since yours doesn't have the "W" at the end, it either doesn't have wheels or they didn't designate the difference until they added the aluminum tank model. Someone will correct me if I am wrong.

    Hope this helps.
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      Re: Ridgid OL50135 Air Compressor

      what about the oil? is "air compressor sae 30" oil good enough or do i need to buy synthetic 5w40?

      thanks for the response Joe D. I think you are right, my compressor does not have wheels on it but otherwise looks like the 'W' version. I'll just use that manual.

      re: the sandblasting, i'm not going to even try it. going to go with electrolysis intead (safer, no risk of silicosis...)


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        Re: Ridgid OL50135 Air Compressor

        Do go with the synthetic 5W-40 oil if you can find it. There's a big difference in it and non synthetic #30 oil.