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R4330 planer making a mess on the floor

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  • R4330 planer making a mess on the floor

    Several weeks ago my planer started blowing some chips out of the entrance side of the machine. making a mess. I thought the blades might be dull so I changed them. I use a 1-1/2 hp dust collector on one machine at a time. I have checked the dist collector and planer for restrictions. Everything seems fine. Don't know what else to do. Any body have any ideas.

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    Re: R4330 planer making a mess on the floor

    I talked with one of the product managers, response below. Hopefully this helps. Let us know. Thanks.

    I would recommend checking for wood chips or other interferences between where the hood mounts to the unit. It could be that there is a gap in the system causing turbulences to force air back through the cutter head. I would also make sure that there are no obstructions at the air output of the machine that would limit the air flow to the dust collection system. When checking for obstructions, he needs to make sure that the tool is unplugged and that he follows all safety recommendations in the manual.


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      Re: R4330 planer making a mess on the floor

      Ive never used that planer but have owned 3 other brands.Never saw a planer used that didn't make some mess.My current planer is a 5 hp model and I have a big 3hp dust collector with a 6'' duct and still theres always a mess to clean up.An old rule of thumb I was told years ago is to double the hp of the tool for dust collection to be really effective.
      Just my 2 cents Sam