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Question on Rigid GP90130 compressor

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  • Question on Rigid GP90130 compressor

    I've jsut had it delivered to me.

    This one comes with a Honda GX160 engine.
    To my surprise, the motor wouldn't start.
    I checked the oil level, even refill a bit to be
    at the optimal level. The instruction for starting
    the engine was simple and easy enough for anyone to follow.

    There was no attempt to fire. It appears that
    no sparks are generated.

    I've heard good things about Honda engines.
    Am I the unluckiest guy in the whole world to get a lemon?
    Or does this thing happen often?

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    Re: Question on Rigid GP90130 compressor

    When you say that you don't think it has ignition did you use a test plug or some other way to check for a spark? If yes, be sure the ON - OFF (run - stop) switch clicks and that it is in the run position. This engine does have a low oil shut down. You may need to give the engine some rocking or shaking to reset the switch if Honda still uses a float switch. Also, look over the engine carefully. Could there be a connection issue?

    Now getting back to the spark test. Please do not use a wide gap test spark plug. With electronic ignition they can cause parts failure. If you're handy you can make up a small 1/16 or less gap test plug using a 18mm spark plug and a clip. Those work. You can also just remove the engine spark plug and be sure it is well grounded to the engine block.

    Were you able to get any pops (exhaust) at all?

    Did you remember to close the choke and keep it closed until the engine started to fire? You might open the air cleaner and give it a little spray of starting fluid and see if it fires on that.

    If you turn the engine slowly can you feel compression? Try turning it in reverse slowly. Be sure there is 0 tank pressure when you test for this. If you can, pull the head unloader for the compressor. This really takes yourself and a good helper.

    If the engine seems low on compression this trick can help.
    1. Be sure the run - stop switch is in the stop position.
    2. Carefully remove spark plug. Clean around the base with a brush or blow it clean if you can.
    3. Pour about 1 table spoon of #30 non detergent oil or 2 cycle engine oil into the spark plug hole and leave the plug out.
    Then slowly turn over the engine pulling the starter rope a few times.
    4. Put paper towels near the spark plug hole and give the engine one fast spin using the starter rope.
    5. Replace spark plug and tighten snug but don't tighten it too much. You can strip the threads in the head.
    6. Try starting engine as normal. The oil can help free up stuck valves and piston rings from long term storage.
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      Re: Question on Rigid GP90130 compressor

      Part 2

      You might have a defective engine but don't give up without a little work on your part. Returning this is a pain at best. Do you know anyone that's a small engine or car engine mechanic type?

      If you have the tools, please remove the spark plug and take a good look at it. Spark plugs can tell us loads of information about what's going on.

      Is the plug wet with gasoline? If yes, the engine may not have ignition or it may be over choked and flooded.

      Is the spark plug dry? If yes, then fuel isn't getting into the cylinder. This is where you need to be sure the choke does close for starting and where a little bit of starting fluid may help.

      Be sure to check the gap if you can. Set it at 0.030 inches and give it another try. Every now and then a defective spark plug rolls out of the factory and gets installed. It might be a good idea to pickup a spare and give it a try.

      Please post anymore info you can.

      One last thing, you must use fresh gasoline that's very clean and free of moisture. The newer engines are fussy. Plus 89 grade runs better than regular 87 but that should work OK. If the gasoline you used is more than 3 months old, drain the tank and try new. This something that is dangerous and might be best done at a small engine shop. You need a good way to handle and dispose of it.


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        Re: Question on Rigid GP90130 compressor

        Thank you for your prompt reply to my question.

        Home Depot was quick to replace it with another one.

        It is in their shop now. I am sure they won't tell me what was wrong.

        I have a hunch as to what went wrong, though.

        It just occurred to me when the second unit was delivered. The second delivery man was careful enough to keep the unit upright. This unit was also tested by Home Depot before it left there.

        The first delivery man was not careful and moved the box around and left it on its side. I would not be surprised the box had been truned upside down before it got to my home. I suspected the carbutetor got fouled up.

        I remember having my Toro snow blower damaged by turning it upside down. I had it serviced by the reseller. The carburetor got fouled up.

        Just my two cents.


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          Re: Question on Rigid GP90130 compressor

          Sometimes the float gets messed up or the needle valve which the float works. For a small engine shop it's normally a pretty easy repair.

          For what it's worth did you try tapping the carb a little? If the float gets stuck in the up position fuel can't flow into the bowl. No fuel and the engine can't even pop.

          Thanks for getting back on this.

          I'm glad in your case that Home Depot exchanged for for another one.