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Ridgid 3300 PW - Good value for residential?

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  • Ridgid 3300 PW - Good value for residential?

    I am interested in a pressure washer for residential use: driveway/patio, cleaning grills and cleaning the house exterior, among other things.

    I want to get something with decent components, but I really can't sell a $1000 unit to my wife. I looked at some other washers: 1). Lowes (John Deere) - approx $699 2). Deere website (2400 psi, 2.4 ag/commercial w/ Subaru EX21 7.0hp and an AR solid ceramic piston pump) for $899 - little pricey, but the pump is triplex plunger w/ solid ceramic pistons and a 5r warranty.

    This Ridgid, at $599, with the Subaru EX21 engine and CAT pump, appears to be a very good value for residential use. However, seems some are unhappy with the build. If I understand correctly, it is neither the engine, nor the pump, that are the problem, but the pairing of the two together? Would you recommend this washer? If so, are there any modifications that should be done to maximize the performance? I appreciate any help. Thanks much.


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    Re: Ridgid 3300 PW - Good value for residential?

    Hi, I bought my 3300 just a couple of months ago, and used it for barely more than a couple of hours, but here are my thoughts. Easy to put together, even if mine was missing 4 bolts and nuts. I had some bolts that worked fine. It was a bit reluctant to start at first (a few pulls), but now starts reliably. Engine is noisier than I expected, but not unduly loud. The RIDGID sheet metal piece across the face of the unit between two support tubes sometimes vibrates terribly, going into a resonance. I need to do something about this, as I can't see it surviving for long. Probably will crack. The box had some oil stains inside (minor), and the label that was supposed to be on the CAT pump was not there. But, the oil level seemed to about right (red dot), even though there were no instructions on where the level should be. No pump instructions at all.

    All that said, it does do the job. I have no leaks, it is easy to connect up, and the power is plenty. If it was a bit quieter, and there was no vibration of the sheet metal piece, it would be all I could ask. It is not very big, folds up easily, and rolls around with no problem, on good wheels/tires.

    My only disappointment is with the quality of the packaging (missing oil label) and instructions (no CAT info, no Subaru engine info). I can get that info, and have, but Ridgid should have included it.

    - Phil


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      Re: Ridgid 3300 PW - Good value for residential?

      Thank you much, Phil. I appreciate the feedback.