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  • compare 12 volt compact drills

    I have been playing with the 12 ( and 10.8 ) compact drills over the past week.
    I have the bosch 10.8 impactor and like it quite a bit, but I don't like how loud it gets for indoor use. I am waiting for the free 10.8 non impact driver.
    I tried this out a bit and like it a lot - very strong for the size/weight and eventually free !!!

    I tried the milwaukee 12v compact and like it even better for the power but it was a bit more expensive, and the chuck has a bit more wobble ( I tried a couple and they all had some - also, the led points a bit to the left instead of directly underneath the bit - not a big deal, just an observation - but overall very nice and great power for the size weight !

    The makita 10.8 impactor was similar to the bosch - the bosch has a better led system, the makita seemed a little more powerful and a little quicker when impacting. The chuck had a little wobble, a bit more than the bosch.

    The makita 10.8 driver seemed very nice, but I didn't get to test the power - but the specs look fantastic, and the chuck had no wobble !

    The bosch p30 looked great - I couldn't test it on anything, but it felt great, the chuck had NO wobble - the specs look great too. But the drill was almost as big as the 14.4 bosch which was on clearance for only 103 $
    The ps30 was 150 $

    The ridgid 12v micros looks fun - and I got a FANTASTIC deal - they mismarked the 2 pack for 78 bucks !!!

    Great power for size, the chucks arent' super, but the bits didn't wobble much, just the outside part did ( on one more than the other, but good enough for me - the bit was pretty true - even better than big ridgid )

    I just like the quick connect feature esp after buying a few sets of diff quick connect bits ...

    The ridgid set is nice, but what would be really cool is a mini drill and mini one with quick connect.

    The milwaukee is great, and if you buy 2 you get free 12v impactor , then I could sell one drill and get combo cheap...

    I also tried the bosch ps10, but it's 150 $ and the ps20 was only 100 $ and free when I get the one in the mail...

    Any thoughts from others out there ???

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    Re: compare 12 volt compact drills

    I have Milwaukee 12v driver and the makita set. I love the Makita! Drill is two speed and the impact has punch. Get the Makita.


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      Re: compare 12 volt compact drills

      I just purchased the RIDGID twin pack of 12volt drill drivers. I wasn't lucky enough to pay 68 bucks but I thought it was a great deal for129. I especially like the compact nature. No bulky battery. I am concerned about the small size of the battery as it relates to time of usage between charges? But the 30 Minute charge time is nice. Lifetime battery replacement is nice to. If any one has some feedback it would be much appreciated.


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        Re: compare 12 volt compact drills

        Don't be misled by the voltages. They are all the same. All have three 3.6V cells. Do the math and you get 10.8 like Bosch and Makita state. Ridgid and Milwaukee "round up" the individual cell voltage and "say" they use three 4.0V cells (3.6 rounded up to the nearest volt) to get a 12V battery. Bosch has had to re-market their 10.8 line to combat this so you will see 12V Bosch lithium products on the shelves now. Why Makita didn't follow this strategy surprised me.
        I don't work for Ridgid and I don't work for Home Depot but I likely know more about both than someone who works at either.


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          Re: compare 12 volt compact drills

          I think Bosch & Milwaukee both have some exciting new products out in their lines now which makes the decision much easier. Have you seen the Milwaukee Hackzall, Copper cutter or Bosch PS50 Multi-X tool? I think it's much easier to pick a line based on these new products than comparing the drill/drivers which are going to be very similar.
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            Re: compare 12 volt compact drills

            Jay -

            I sent you a PM. Did you get it?