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ridgid battery charger problem

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  • ridgid battery charger problem

    Man, just testing my drills, I was charging the battery - my son unplugged the charger while charging.

    Now it just blinks red - the other led never comes on

    I tried unplugging it for a while, tried all 3 batteries, both sides one at a time, and 2 at a time ( I have the dual charger )

    Is my charger toast ???

    Man I hope not,

    Ridgid is saying they never got my registration for the lifetime warranty


    It looks like it was just too hot, or the batteries were too hot.

    It's working now


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    Re: ridgid battery charger problem

    Ridgid also just told me they never received my paper work(from July '07) for my drill. I talked to a rep and was told to fax my reciept and they would take care of it. If you have yours its worth the call. Pat


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      Re: ridgid battery charger problem

      Drill is almost 5 years old I think, I don't have a clue where receipt is ( we have moved since buying drill )

      Oh well, at least it's working now.