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  • Ridgid R8660

    Well I was playing around on the Home Depot website and saw this new tool, thought I would put it out there for all to see. Here's the link
    Looks like a decent price when compared to the Senco DuraSpin cordless. It only comes with one battery according to the HD sit though and its the 1.5 Ah Li-ion.
    They also have the corded vesion found on this link for about $80 less than the cordless version. Once again priced pretty much the same as the Senco. Looking at them it makes you wonder were these made by Senco for Ridgid? They look almost exactly the same, other than the color scheme, the orange is flattering though.
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    Re: Ridgid R8660

    The thing is on the Senco electric there are few parts, nothing to really maintain it. The cordless has some parts ,clutch parts, switch, etc. Ridgid should be better. TTI makes the Senco as well. I would buy the Ridgid. The older Senco cordless used Ryobi batteries.