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  • Hello

    Hi everybody, I was lurking around for a year here and finally registered.

    I'm a programmer but do a lot of construction "on the side" and worked with many trades over the years, renovated and built houses from the ground up and take great pleasure in working with my hands.

    I went thru all cordless power tools makita ever made for LXT line (except for latest screwguns, concrete vibrator and a 14.4v metal chop saw - only available in japan), used all dewalt cordless stuff, bosch, some ridgid, milwaukee and ryobi. I currently own a full line of Dewalts 36v stuff and some 18v nano stuff (impact and drill). I went all the way Makita and then back to Dewalt after doing a lot of research on what cells they use for batteries and disassembling and testing dozens and dozens of tools and batteries.

    It's very sad to see a lot of guys being totally misinformed by manufacturers and marketing, biased towards a specific brand and bashing one brand and praising another while both make tools on the same factory and owned by the same corporation.

    If you have any questions about cordless tools of any major brand, I will be happy to answer them.
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    Re: Hello

    Welcome, Wartex. Your site is very interesting. Thanks for taking the time to post here. And thanks to the link to your site with the information on cordless tools! It's nice to read something that's non-biased.
    I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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      Re: Hello

      Welcome, Wartex

      With tools changing it will be interesting to read your web site updates too. I mostly still use corded tools but a cordless drill-driver and impact driver are very handy. If I worked more outdoors or on ladders then I would be big into cordless.