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A Creative Chinaman's Workshop solution.

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  • A Creative Chinaman's Workshop solution.

    It works.

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    Re: A Creative Chinaman's Workshop solution.

    when I was in (I guess they call it middle school now) I made a table saw some what on the style you have there, but I did not have the nice fence my fence was a 2x4 and some C clamps, but like you say it works, a few years later I ordered from the back of a popular science or mechanics magazine a AMT table saw, the sleeve version was $9.95 and for the ball bearing version was $14.95, they were a small cast iron top saw with plans to build a plywood table around, and that worked well, (it is still in use/stored at my sisters in laws farm). it was a Ok saw for $15, then I had the opportunity to buy the schools old table saw from the industrial arts department, I still have that saw and it is a beauty, even if it is 60 years old, an old walker turner, (similar to a delta uni-saw).

    having the router table is nice as well, (I have a sharper, never built a router table but have been temped a number of times, I made a extension on my table saw, (so I can handle a full 4 foot wide ply board and not have to reverse cut it), and have considered mounting a router in it, and it would be similar to your design you have but the saw is a the old walker turner saw.

    Glad your enjoying your wood working skills,
    Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
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