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  • Warranty?

    when I purchased my combo kit the warranty is what sold me. I am having such a hard time getting service to get my drill fixed that it is really leaving a bad taste about Ridgid tools. I have wasted days now trying to get info on getting my drill repaired. all the sevice centers in my area have stopped repairing Ridgid Tools and Home Depot wants $35.00 to look at it and willl return my money if the work is under warranty. So how is this a lifetime warranty? Where in the warranty did it say anything about a 35 dollar fee. If you are willing to put a lifetime warranty on a tool then you should stand behind that tool.

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    Re: Warranty?

    Don't know a thing about a $35 charge, maybe that's a Home Depot in house policy. I do know that Ridgid doesn't have a lifetime warranty though. I'm assuming you're talking about the Ridgid Limited Lifetime Service Agreement. If you registered your tools into that program then any repairs you need done on your tools are totally free of charge. You do have to take or send them to an authorized Ridgid Service Center to have the work done.
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      Re: Warranty?

      Welcome to the forum. Sorry about the problems with your drill. It is a good idea to include information on the location of the city where you live and and what model tool you have and how long you have owned it.
      I have never heard of Home Depot functioning as a service center for Ridgid tools although some people have been succesfull in badgering them to assist with a repair. Just checked the list of service centers for the entire state of FL and no HDs are listed. Just curious, what home depot is offering to "look at it" for $35. Something is not right here as Home Depot would know that all Ridgid drills are covered under the Limited Lifetime Service Agreement and therefor any authorised work would be covered unless the tool had been abused ie: dropped in salt water.
      1-How long have you had the tool?
      2-Did you register the tool for the lifetime service agreement?
      3-Is the repair truely a defect or was it damaged through abuse? ie:dropped from a 30' ladder onto concrete.
      4-The city where you live would be helpfull as a forum member might live nearby who has had good experiance with a local repair center.
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