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TS2400LS and Dado sets

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  • TS2400LS and Dado sets

    Hi everyone,

    I was trying to set up my Freud 8" dado set for the first time on my TS2400LS so I could cut a zero clearance insert and I had trouble getting the dado set to fit. The arbor wasn't long enough to accept a 13/16" set up. I pulled out the instructions (when all else fails, read the directions) and was instructed to remove the inner washer and spacer and then return the inner washer before adding the dado blades but it doesn't appear that the inner washer on my saw is removable, additionally, the instructions claim that the threads on the arbor are left handed but they aren't. The only way I could get it to work was to replace the outer washer with the thickest shim that came with the dado set.

    Has anyone else run into this? In the future, would it be acceptable to use something like a 5/8" fender washer as the outside washer?


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    Re: TS2400LS and Dado sets


    You can just leave the outer washer off. The dado is thick enough that the outside washer isn't necessary, just use the not right against the outside dado blade.