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Ridgid 12v 1/2 in. drill

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  • Ridgid 12v 1/2 in. drill

    Hello, new to the forum and as you have probably guessed by now, I have a problem.
    I have a 12v 1/2in cordless drill which I have owned for about 5 years and the batteries have just about had it. Does anyone know where I can order new ones? They are the MAX type. Any help would be deeply appreciated.

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    Re: Ridgid 12v 1/2 in. drill

    Hi Warren. Welcome to the forum.
    I don't know about tools purchased 5 years ago(someone else on this forum will help us with that), however for the last several years Ridgid batteries when purchased as part of a tool set are covered by the limited lifetime service agreement and will be replaced if they (1) were registered when purchased and (2) or have suffered no obvious abuse.
    You would need to contact a authorised Ridgid service center in your area.
    If for some reason you cannot replace the batteries under the LSA, they are available at most Home Depot's as an off the shelf item or they can usually be purchased on ebay.
    Good luck.....Ray
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      Re: Ridgid 12v 1/2 in. drill

      Thanks for the reply. I went back to Home Depot and got 2 more batteries. The batteries had been marked down for clearance, I was told they would not be stocking 12v or 14.4v in the near future. I don't know if that means I will not be able to get batteries after these 2 die or what. Well maybe these will last another 5 years. By then it will probably be time for a new drill anyway. Thanks again...