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  • ts3650 question

    I am in the process of putting my shop back together after moving to the wilds of Kentucky. I removed the blade from my TS3650 to clean it and have a question. should there be a washer against the arbor flange? ie arbor flange, washer, blade, arbor nut? its been about a year since i have powered up the saw and really can't remember. also, I have a Delta dado set currently. can anyone recommend a better one that will fit the 1 1/8" arbor? thanks for the help


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    Re: ts3650 question

    No, the washer should go on the other side of the blade (ie - arbor, blade, washer, nut). That's the way it's shown in the repair guide (check out the diagram on page 18 of 19):

    Not too sure about a dado set. Freud makes some good stuff though, and nice blades and dados, but I'm not sure if they specifically have a dado set to fit that arbor - they should though, it's a pretty common size.


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      Re: ts3650 question

      If all you cut are dado's that are under an 1ΒΌ" deep then the Freud SD206 would be a good choice for a dado set. If you cut dado's that are deeper then you'll need to go with an 8" dado set. As far as I know, the only dado set that won't work with the 3650 would be the Freud SD600 Series sets.
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