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Husqavarna chainsaw Kick back guard fix

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  • Husqavarna chainsaw Kick back guard fix

    The other day I went to grab my old Husqavarna electric chainsaw to cut some limbs and the kick back guard won't go back , it just hangs there. Does anyone know what the problem is? And I don't have the chainsaw with me at the moment so I can't check any details. Thanks in advance.

    Edit: It's probably a chain break if thats different from a kick back guard
    (I'm not a wiz on chainsaws)
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    Re: Husqavarna chainsaw Kick back guard fix

    Can you post a few pics of the problem area of the saw? I have a Husky 455 and the chain brake has a spring loaded mechanism that kicks the band around the clutch. If your saw has a similar mechanism it could either be broken or plugged up with alot of debris. Later!