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Husky 50 hard to start

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  • Husky 50 hard to start

    I recently inhertied a Husky Rancher 50 chainsaw. Anyone know where I can get an Owners Manual and a Service manual.

    Alos teh chainswa is very hard to strt when cold. When running it sounds great and has lots of power. Warm start is easy, one of two pulls.

    Any ideas,


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    Re: Husky 50 hard to start

    Did you try googling the manual?????????

    Try this place......
    Great Link for a Construction Owner/Tradesmen, and just say Garager sent you....

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      Re: Husky 50 hard to start

      Type in the model click "search" and it should take you to where you can download the manual in PDF format.

      Try emptying out the fuel tank and your gas can into a large fuel tank on one of your 4 stroke cycle engines. Then get 1 gallon of PLUS grade gasoline and mix in one small 2.6 Oz bottle of good quality high speed 2 cycle engine oil. I would try to get Husqvarna but Echo or Stihl oil should be good too. Don't use outboard engine oil or cheapo oil sold in quarts. You want to end up with a 50:1 fuel mix and PLUS rather than regular gasoline does make a difference.


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        Re: Husky 50 hard to start

        Thanks for the info. I had already tried Googling it and also used the link suggested - without luck.

        I was hoping a forum user would have one.



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          Re: Husky 50 hard to start

          The carb likely needs a good cleaning, make sure the choke is actually working. Low compression on a 2 stroke makes for hard cold starts.


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            Re: Husky 50 hard to start

            Only problem is, this is a Ridgid forum, not a Husky one. While we all love and know about many tools, googling for the answer, or getting in contact with Husky, will probably be your best bet.

            Call Husky (Woussko, are they manufactured through/by MTD for the Husky brand on contract?), and ask them for any applicable information.
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