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    Originally posted by DanQuixote View Post
    Perhaps this is a bit off topic, but I recently purchased the 12 volt lithium drill from home depot. I was pleased with the performance and delighted with the size. Much to my disappointment, about 2 weeks after my of the batterys failed. I returned to the Home Depot where I purchased the tool to buy another battery. They do not stock them. I was told that they could order them......but no one knew how long it would take. The question I would ask is......has anyone experienced similar failures with the 12 volt lithium batterys.....and where does ridgid stand on batterys included in the warranty???
    Dan, I agree with Ray's post. If you're within the 90 day warranty/replacement/satisfaction exchange period, then use it to your full advantage - that's what it's there for. Just seeking a replacement battery is not really an option. Regarding these little 12 volt lithium ion batteries, they do not yet/currently retail them individually. You probably could get them, through Ridgid Parts, but it would probably be very expensive due to many factors. You're best just to exchange this one (provided you haven't registered your current one yet, and still have your box/UPC). I personally picked up one of these drills back in the spring pretty much as soon as they came out, and I have a review thread about them in the Ridgid Review section of the forum. I myself haven't had an issue with battery failure with these, and to date, I have about 30 cycles (give-or-take about 5) put through on both batteries from the kit, with no errors, failures, or other glitches. Been operating/using/charging/storing these batteries also in temperature variances of anywhere between -10 Celsius (20 degrees Fahrenheit) up to 35 Celsius (95 Fahrenheit), with no drainage or other failure issues. These little batteries work quite nice I must say.

    And yes, regarding the final part of your question, even the batteries are included in the 90-day-satisfaction-period / 3-year-warranty / Limited Lifetime Service Agreement. That's what makes the LLSA so cool - it even covers normal wear items, like motor brushes, chucks, and even batteries. [Obviously this is for LLSA eligible items - like Ray said, for whatever reason, only batteries that come in the various kits are LLSA eligible; stand-alone/solo batteries bought in clam-shell packages are only 3-year warranty covered, and not eligible for the LLSA].