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How many guns will a compressor handle at once?

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  • How many guns will a compressor handle at once?

    Hey guys, Where can I go to find out how many guns a compressor will at one time? I know I've seen a brand that had pictures of the different types of guns and how many printed on the compressor but I can't remeber which brand it was. I ask because our Mexican sider-who does GREAT work-is burning out more compressors in a year than I've gone thru in 10. He insists on buying the smaller electric comps. and running 3 or 4 siding nailers off each one. Well he doesn't have enough money to buy as many as he needs and now he's using my Dewalt 55155. I had to pull him aside and tell him not to buy all his guys' tools for them. Now my favorite comp. is running a little ragged but I can't let him take any longer to finish a house. I have to talk him into a bigger more powerful comp so I don't have to feel guilty after I bounce MY burned up comp off his head. We have temporary electric on our sites and nobody likes to listen to gas engines roaring on all day, and with ALL the comps we have for all the different trades, we pop breakers ALOT. Trimmers don't really have their comps running all day. Siders comps are constantly running to fill up the tanks only to shut down for about a minute and kick up again. He refuses to spend the money, but I may have to get mean about it. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Re: How many guns will a compressor handle at once?

    Sounds to me like you have already made a well informed decision.
    The correct one by me.


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      Re: How many guns will a compressor handle at once?

      Yes, get twice what you think you'll need. Easy math to go by:
      If his tools, say 4 nailers, suck out 2.4 SCFM of air (rating for running nailers continuously), then you'd be best to get a compressor that has a 4.8 SCFM rating or better, at the max PSI rating that the tools would run at.
      Simple math, I know, and the numbers aren't really exact. But if you're imposing a heavy draw on a compressor, you'd want twice the capacity of what you're running off of it. That way, at a minimum, for 10 minutes of continuous work time, the compressor is only running for approximately 5.

      And quite simply tell your guy that's the way it's going to be. It doesn't matter if he likes his way or not - if he's burning through compressors in the manner that you state, then he's obviously doing things the wrong way. Put your foot down.