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CMT Dado Pro Set

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  • CMT Dado Pro Set

    Anyone have an opinion on this brand? I need a dado set and its on sale for $80.00 from $130.00. Thanks Pat

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    Re: CMT Dado Pro Set

    I have no experience with the CMT dado set however their stuff generally receives high marks for quality. I doubt if you'll be disappointed but again, I have no personal experience with this set. How's that for a non answer?
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      Re: CMT Dado Pro Set

      " How's that for a non answer?"

      Badger that’s the kind of answer I give my wife when she asks how's this look? lol


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        Re: CMT Dado Pro Set

        I've had the Freud SD208, DW7670, Systimatic 42T/6T, and the Infinity Dadonator. The best I've used in that price range is the DeWalt 7670...also available as a Delta, with the Dadonator being the best overall. The CMT has 12T cutters and 2T chippers, much like the Freud SD206/208. The better sets have at least 24T cutters and 4T chippers.

        I've tried a few CMT blades and still have one...they're good blades but haven't really been overly impressed relative to what's available from Infinity, Forrest, Ridge Carbide, the better Freuds, Tenryu, the better DWs, or Amana in similar price ranges. Oshlun is one of the better value names I've tried. Holbren has a couple of Oshlun dados < $80, that use the same design that my 42T/6T Systimatic uses, and that was a mighty fine set. I think you can do better than the CMT in that price range.