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Drill Bit Experience-good deals at HD

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  • Drill Bit Experience-good deals at HD

    HD has their holiday kits out already and there are some great drillbit/driver package deals there. Ryobi, Dewalt, and Milwaukee are the brands they have, ranging from 29 to 130 pieces and prices from $20 to $50.....

    Are all 3 relatively equal in bit quality? I'm guessing it goes Milwaukee, Dewalt, Ryobi in order, but if they are close, the Ryobi set is a much better deal!

    The Dewalt is the 110 pc pro accessory set for $49.97
    The Ryobi is the 150 pc drill and drive kit for $29.97
    The Milwaukee is more modest, but is around a 30 piece set and is around $30.

    Is the Ryobi basicly just junk like the B & D sets?


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    Re: Drill Bit Experience-good deals at HD

    The Milwaukee is the deal. At 30 pieces you won't use them all. Those big sets just hang around taking up space for the average DIY.


    Not a fan of DeWalt yellow, the Milwaukee red matches my other stuff.....gotta be coordinated on the job site, more likely the back yard for me.
    I'm on "The List" and I love it!!


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      Re: Drill Bit Experience-good deals at HD

      We have the $49.95 DeWalt set and use it alot in a professional environment and strangely enough haven't broken a single bit yet. That's strange! Either the guys are being extra gentle or the bits are made of good stuff.
      We have a Ryobi drill bit set with hex shanks for using with our hex chuck impacts. Though not used very much they seem to be adaquate performers. Pretty much wood drilling for us.


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        Re: Drill Bit Experience-good deals at HD

        I broke my Ryobi bits much more than my DeWalt ones.


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          Re: Drill Bit Experience-good deals at HD

          Harder bit materials tend to make them shatter more easily but cut through tougher materials. They also tend to cost a lot more. Standard HSS bits aren't as expensive to manufacture but they will tolerate more abuse. For casual use, Titanium coated bits (they're all just coated and it's titanium nitride) probably aren't bad but the coating will wear off quickly if you do a lot of drilling.

          Good cobalt bits are not coated and are great for drilling through metal but I read that you can shatter them just from dropping them on the floor.

          I got these:

          And I love the metal case. There are two set sizes larger beyond 1/4" bits but this ramps the price up very quickly.

          For day to day wood boring I was planning on checking out Milwaukee's black and bronze "Thunderbolt" bits. I have plenty of random steel bits but a lot of them are junk. Maybe I'll ask the woodworking forum people who makes the good bits.