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Blade guard storage on TS2400?

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  • Blade guard storage on TS2400?

    I just picked up a TS2400 (not 2410; it took some phoning around, but I found one of the older smaller stand ones in the end). After some setup, all seems to be well. 0 degree stop was a fair bit off, so I sorted that out -- otherwise everything's fine, except for the storage for the blade guard.

    I can't get the guard to fit in -- the bolt/wingnut that hold that corner of the saw to the stand stick up and get in the way, so I can't get the bottom bit of the blade guard past. If I try and lift the end up to get past the sticking-up bit of bolt, it hits on the bottom of the table.

    I solved this by inverting that bolt so that the circular end is on top and the wingnut's on the bottom, and now the blade guard stores away okay, but it seems like I must be missing something because that's presumably not the idea. Has anyone else noticed this? Is there some ingenious way to wiggle the guard into storage past the bolt?


    -- dan