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ridgid tools/warranty

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  • ridgid tools/warranty

    Been reading posts for month now, decided to join. recently bought some ridgid tools, miter saw, grinder, sander, 24 volt combo, kind of scared about quality and warranty issues that have shown up on forum. I know people ***** about bad things way more than posting good stuff, but purchased items based on warranty and reviews on the tools. I own a bar and a half renovated house, so i use my tools an average amount. just wondering if i have anything to worry about with the quality of ridgid tools, or their warranty dept. i have the issues with the e-box to dashboard issue as well.

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    Re: ridgid tools/warranty

    I have never had a single issue with any of my RIDGID tools. Because I've never had an issue, a service center has never had to access the information in my Dashboard(stupid name). When I signed up my RIDGID tools for the then eBox the process went smoothly and without a hitch. During the crossover from the eBox to the Dashboard(stupid name) there was a short period of time when all my information wasn't correct in the Dashboard(stupid name) however now all my information is correct.

    No company has a 100% winner rate when it comes to the tools they manufacture and RIDGID is no exception. A little research goes a long way when it comes time to making your buying decision. Of the tools you listed the only one I have any experience with is the miter saw and I would rate it a "D". Overall, I've been very pleased with every RIDGID tool I own.
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      Re: ridgid tools/warranty

      We are a commercial contractor and have made a major commitment to Ridgid tools starting two years ago We currently own in excess of sixty tools and they are worked hard every day. This includes all the 24V tools, a bunch of the 18V tools with LI and NiCad batts, some MaxSelect tools, some 14.4V, 12V and 9.6V tools. We also have a few corded tools including the 12" slider, portable table saw and some misc. With the exception of the MaxSelect and 18V impact tools they have all been capable performers. We haven't had a failures so no experiance with the warranty and service centers. The tool registration and computerised monitoring process has been poor to this point. The original My Ebox system was difficult to work with, the replacement is still not complete for me and seems to be poorly organised.
      I agree with the Badger that every company has its strong and weak points. Ridgid is trying to do something unique with the LSA. They have had some teething problems and we'll see how it plays out. We made our commitment due to Ridgid's long time history as a quality tool provider and the knowledge that they are partnered with Home Depot as the (almost exclusive) retailer. I have always been satisfied with HDs customer service.


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        Re: ridgid tools/warranty

        As a homeowner, hobby woodworker, and weekend tool warrior, I have not had any
        challenges with my Ridgid power tools. I have the entire 18v tool line. I also have the max select 18/24v impact driver [I use the 18v battery only]. I have 18v 1.9AH and 18v 2.5AH batteries and two 18v 3AH lithium-ion batteries.

        I keep the batteries in my home so not to experience the severe temperature changes we have here +50 to +115F. I have not experienced a single tool or battery failure!

        I use the tools properly, safely, and what they were designed to other words no tool abuse here thus I never had the tool cops bang down my door! or a sudden tool failure!

        I hesitated when I decided to enter the battery power tool realm. I was concerned about battery life with my intermittent usage. I also looked at the "other" major battery tool lines and decided Ridgid would fit my criteria. this was a decision I do not regret.

        I have corded tools too, and I have found I'm using them infrequently because of the convenience of being cord free!

        I have a few Ridgid corded tools but my table saws are Jet and Delta, my miter saw is the Delta 12" with dual laser [an excellent tool].

        The only negative comments I have are towards the Home Depot and its relationship with Ridgid tools! Rigid tools should demand that Home Depot being their "official retailer", should improve product availability, and support. Home Depot should carry any and all consumer usable disposables, such as sanding drums, batteries, and product specific items you can't substitute!

        It's very aggravating to buy a new tool and then realize you have to go to E-Bay or some other internet outlet to purchase support. I understand the marketing aspect and cost of shelf space for consumable support. I also know the other brands have similar issues, but I recall having to go to the internet to buy a replacement lamp for the 18v flashlight! That is unacceptable!!!

        Bottom line the Ridgid tool line is very good, but after purchase product support does require some attention.

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          Re: ridgid tools/warranty

          Ridgid warranty and customer service is the worst. I took my cordless set to a service center in the begining of October to get the batteries replaced under LSA, and still have nothing. Ridgid won't reply to my emails. Horrendous customer service!


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            Re: ridgid tools/warranty

            I too am a home user of my tools and I own almost every 18v tool they make. I have had two problems in the 2 1/2 years. First I had a chuck freeze up on my 18v hammer drill. Took to the service center. About a week to fix. I was very pleased. Second problem had two 1.5 lithium batteries fail. Took the service center a month to get replacement battery. I was not very happy about the turn around time or the customer service from ridgid. Overall good tools and I think there offer of a lsa is 2nd to none especially for a home owner. If warranty wasn't a concern I would have purchased makita but seeing how it is I bought ridgid.



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              Re: ridgid tools/warranty

              Originally posted by Newman View Post
              Ridgid warranty and customer service is the worst. I took my cordless set to a service center in the begining of October to get the batteries replaced under LSA, and still have nothing. Ridgid won't reply to my emails. Horrendous customer service!
              Have to disagree, customer service replied to my e-mails, (took a few days) called them to solve my e-box/dashboard problem, and they immed. took care of it. They were very polite and helpful. They prob. had to cut jobs just like other companies, give them a break! People who have problems with them are probably rude and unreasonable!


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                Re: ridgid tools/warranty

                I own quite a few Ridgid tools, buying my first couple back during their introduction in 2003 (5-inch ROS and 1/4-sheet sanders and 1550 Drill Press). Since that time I've added a few cordless tools, recip saw, nailers, etc.

                As a very busy guy trying to keep up with two houses and far too many projects I have come to really love these tools.

                The only fault found was my 14-Volt drill-driver (older model than current) has a slight wobble to the chuck, which doesn't serve too well with small drill bits. But having said that, I haven't taken the time to send it in for service... just don't want to be without it for even a couple of weeks.

                So, I'm a Ridgid fan, they've proven to work very well for me!