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TS3660 motor

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  • TS3660 motor

    Hello, first post and new to the Ridgid tools. Just purchased a R931 drill combo and ts3660 saw this last week. Question on saw. Got it all set up and running, but motor clunks sorta hard when you hit switch. Is this normal and exactly how tight should belt be? I have it set to where the belt is holding the motor somewhat off the stop. Couldn't exactly understand the motor setup on belt tension. Any help out there? Thanks triker

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    Re: TS3660 motor

    The weight of the motor should tension the belt. I would double check to ensure that you have proper alignment of the pulleys.
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      Re: TS3660 motor

      The motor on my TS3650 jumps a little on start-up too, but then it runs smooth. I think it is normal. I have had mine for a few months, but it has see a lot of use. I have had no problems with the saw or the motor at all.


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        Re: TS3660 motor

        I got my 3650 in Dec. last year and had a similar problem.
        1. I made sure the pulley's were in line.
        2. I followed a hint given to me on this thread which is:
        crank the blade to the highest position.
        Loosen the screws that allow you to move the motor and then use your finger and thumb to squeeze the belt together and adjust the motor mount until there is about 1/2 inch before the movement of the motor bottoms out.
        Tighten the screws and this should help.
        I followed this procedure and have had no more problems.


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          Re: TS3660 motor

          Thanks guys. I think I am OK. Motor seems to be adjusted properly and I guess it really don't hit in that hard. Just not used to a real table saw compared to my OLD cheap Craftsman that this new one is replacing. Triker