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  • RAS rebuild

    Have worn gear sprockets on elevation shaft. must replace. Anyone in this forum every handled this, or know of anyone doing this on their own?


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    Re: RAS rebuild

    Are you have detail or picture.
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      Re: RAS rebuild

      I am guessing your referring to a Radial Arm Saw,

      I have rebuilt some tools, some are easy and some are not so, but you may want to price the parts and find the availability of them first before making the decision, one may have to find some gears and make it work depending on what it is, you may want to disassemble it and see if it is some thing simple, a bushing or a pin that worked it way out or a set screw that has loosened, If parts are not available, if you can find a one man machine shop (reason I suggest a one man shop, is I find small shops more willing to deal in the Odd or the unique jobs, over one that has a number of employee's that do more commercial type work. any way if a shaft needs to be worked on or repaired they should be able to help you,

      I am guessing your referring to a Radial Arm Saw, also you may want to check out EBay or craigslist and see if one can jsut replace it if it is not a commercial unit, as it may be cheaper to replace with good used, than to try to find parts for a many year old tool.

      But as far as rebuilding it your self basically depends on your ability to work on things, and your understanding of mechanical process.

      but the other side of things is if you do not try how will you learn,

      First get a good diagram if possible of the unit, most are in "exploded" views, and show ever part and the sequence of how it goes together/apart. (not necessarily how to get apart but the sequence of the process).

      USE THE RIGHT TOOLS: If you need a gear puller get one, (US the RIGHT TOOLS) to beat something up and break it more will not help.
      if your need Allen/hex/torx wrenches or keys drivers, get a good set,

      most things are basically easy, when understood, and broke down into there basic steps,

      take pictures of the disassembly, so if questions arise or time becomes a factor, you have some guide on the reassembly,
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        Re: RAS rebuild

        Hi ccaruth! You have to remove the shaft on which that sprocket is mounted, after you replace it, re-mount that shaft and its bearings!

        Hope this helps! Good luck!
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