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Problem Replacing Brushes on TP1300

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  • Problem Replacing Brushes on TP1300

    I have a TP1300 and needed to replace the brushes, I just received them today and the first brush went in fine but when I tried to put the other in on the other side it wouldn't fit.
    I looked in to make sure there wasn't anything blocking but it's clear and the other brush just won't fit.
    Any ideas, I've been waiting for these parts so I could finally use my planer and it's driving me nuts!

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    Re: Problem Replacing Brushes on TP1300

    Try the brush that does fit in both brush holders. If it fits both then the other brush is either defective or the wrong part. You could try fine sandpaper on one side or two sides as needed if you only would need to remove a tiny bit. It just slide in freely but not be sloppy in the holder. If you can blow out both brush holders with compressed air.

    If you have a good magnifier and lighting put both brushes side by side and give them a really good looking over.