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Compound Miter saw R4121

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  • Compound Miter saw R4121

    I needed to replace my old miter saw and got this new R4121. So far it seams to be very nice. Powerfull, easy to ajust and I like the dull compound bevels.
    Any thing I should look keep an eye on in this saw?
    The laser is something I just don't trust. I guess I just old school.

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    Re: Compound Miter saw R4121


    I understand about the laser, there's not a lot of people who put much faith into thier accuracy and justifiably so, in my opinion. It is probably one of the most often posted questions/complaints regarding miter saws (any brand). The only thing that I can offer is that it's "only for referance".

    As far as what to look or check for, I would suggest you check the accuracy of the saw's ability to make a "bevel cut". That is when you lay your board flat on the table and swing the saw to the left (or right, if possible on your saw) to cut a 45-degree bevel crosscut.

    I've read many complaints on both 10- and 12-inch miter saws where the owner stated that this type of cut did not cross-cut at exactly 90-degrees across the board. In some cases it was off by as much as five or more degrees.

    For me, that is a fairly rare cut and though I have owned my older Ridgid 10-inch CMS for some time I had not tried it yet. I was very happy to find that my particular saw handled it accurately. But, this is something you should probably check while your saw is still within the 90-day "satisfaction guarantee" period, as I'm not sure it can be properly adjusted otherwise (it appears to be more of a defect in the casting).

    I hope this helps,



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      Re: Compound Miter saw R4121

      Thank You for you help. I will double check the angles. I see that the saw has an ajustment for that. So far it is a nice upgrade over my old saw.