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  • Pressure Washer Help

    Hello good people.
    Reading and getting information about PW is confusing for me. Although the blog has some good information, I need extra help. I need to buy the best power washer that my limited capital can afford. Visiting the big box in my area like HD, Lowes, Sears, and John Deere Dealer generated more indecision.
    The specifications of the PW of my interest are; 3800-4000 PSI, 3.5-4 GPM, Engine 11-13 HP, Triplex Plunger Pump, etc. I found the following PW in the stores mention above.
    DeWalt Model DPH3800/Price 999.99/PSI 3800/ GPM 4.0/ Honda GX 13 HP/ Pump CAT67DX Manufacture Black&Decker
    Ridgid Model RD80770/ Price 999.99 PSI 3800/ GPM 4.0/ Honda GX 13 HP/Pump AR Triplex
    Sears Model 75238/Price 1062.00 PSI 3800/ GPM 4.0/ Honda GX 13 HP/Pump AR RVS4G0B
    John Deere Model 248625/Price 999.99 PSI 3800/ GPM 4.0/ Honda GX 13 HP/Pump AR RVS4G0B
    John Deere Dealer Model PR-4000GS/Price 949.00/PSI 4000/GPM 3.4/Subaru 13.5 HP/Pump AR RVS4G0B
    Note: (Sears and John Deere is the same PW, only different colors and warranty)

    I need to buy a PW. You opinions and recommendations will be very appreciate.
    Thank you

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    Re: Pressure Washer Help

    I have the DW as well as my neighbor. Great PW, CAT pumps in my opinion are the best but the AR Triplex are a close second. I have several Honda GX's and never had a problem, usu. start 1 pull. I would go with what you see as the best price. I have seen the DW on CL for $700 new. I do not know about the Robin /Subaru engine but Northern Tool claims it is better than a Honda GX.
    Lowes /Sears has returns sometimes and you may find a deal there on the JD, but these are usu. bulletproof and lack of power is not the issue as is on the smaller units that seen to get returned.


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      Re: Pressure Washer Help

      What cleaning/stripping job(s) will this machine be used for? Later!


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        Re: Pressure Washer Help

        Andrew M
        First, thank you so much for taking your time to answer my question.
        With your help, the list has been reduced to two PW.

        DeWalt Model # DPH3800 / Honda GX Engine 13 HP / Cat Pump 67DX / Price 999.00 Home Depot
        NorthStar Model 1578202 / Honda GX Engine 13 Hp / Cat Pump 66DX / Price 1069.00 Northertool
        Let me tell my impression about the Cat pumps that these two PW have. It’s like Cat is manufacturing a light (17 lbs) pump model 67DX specific for DeWalt. I can’t find any other PW with this cat model. The NorthStar PW has the Cat pump model 66DX, and I have found this model readily. It is heavier (26 lbs), and it is in the main Cat’s catalog. I’m planning to go to Northertool and get the complete pump model number because the model 66DX has three different versions with different specifications. I’m ready to spend one thousand dollar, but first, I’m doing the home work J
        Again, thank you so much for your time and help.
        To anyone that wants to read about these two Cat pumps, let me know, and I will send the two PDF files that contain the technical specifications. Also, they can be downloading from the Cat’s Website.


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          Re: Pressure Washer Help

          This PW will be use 3 or 4 times a month, washing house, fence, and concrete driveway before paint.
          Thnak you for time


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            Re: Pressure Washer Help

            My older DW 3750 w. CAT has the 66x and my neighbor's has a 67x. Both perform about the same. I called CAT tech support and they said the newer model has less parts,the pressure regulartor/unloader is one piece with the manfold , and I think the piston/valves are 1 pc instead of 2pc. advantage simpler design, less chance for leaks disadvantage can not rebuild it in the same way so parts are more expensive. Call CAT for more info., he thought the life span would be the same, and they can email a.pdf for the pump specs/parts list.
            Amazon may have something too, maybe an older model DW which has the 66x.


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              Re: Pressure Washer Help

              Andrew M
              I had the opportunity to compare the Cat pump Model 66DX30G1I/35G1I/40G1I vs. 67DX39G1I because I download the two PDF files that contain the technical specifications for both Cat pump. Weigh against the two pumps exploded views show that Model 66DX has more parts and explain the 26 pounds vs. 17 pounds in the Model 67DX39G1I (DeWalt DPH3800). In addition, I saw the differences between both pumps when I visited Northern tool to look the NorthStar PW with Cat pump 66DX35G1I. I can’t buy the PW because the price in the store was different that in the Internet (remember my money is limited to one thousand dollars plus tax)L. After reading your opinions and experience with the DeWalt PW, I had decided to go for DeWalt DPH3800 that a Home Depot close to my home is selling. Thank you again for all your time and help.