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Considering a 4-5 Pc Kit

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  • Considering a 4-5 Pc Kit

    I'm planning on picking up a 4 to 5 piece kit (Drill, Recip Saw, Circ Saw, Flashlight, Radio)

    I'm deciding between the Makita LXT and whatever Li-Ion kit Ridgid has to offer..

    If money was no object, I'd go right for the makita just out of reputation.. of course stashing away a bit more money is no problem.. but do any of you have input on this?


    edit: I'm talking 18v with a hammer drill most likely.
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    Re: Considering a 4-5 Pc Kit

    Out of your two choices, I'd say Makita. Since Ridgid seemingly has fudged on their MaxSelect/24 Volt lithium, I wouldn't bother. I've seen some smoking deals on Makita in the past, especially after Christmas.

    In the meantime, you should consider Milwaukee's 18 volt or 24 volt system as well. Good choice in tools, better radio.
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      Re: Considering a 4-5 Pc Kit

      I can vouch for the Makita green impact driver and the green hammer drill.
      I have used mine for over a year and they simply kick butt!
      Light, plenty of power, built to take punishment.
      The motors are special built and optimized for the lithium battery not adapted to
      work with a lithium battery.

      I have heard that the circ saw is light on power, but that was hearsay
      I don't have one to really judge.

      Back when I got mine they had a deal going if you bought the Impact driver you got
      the hammer drill for free! That made them about $160.00 apiece.
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        Re: Considering a 4-5 Pc Kit

        i really like my 24v 4 pc ridgid li combo kit. it weighs less than my ridgid 18v nicad combo kits. plenty of power and light weight. and how can you beat the lifetime warranty?
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          Re: Considering a 4-5 Pc Kit

          What? No love for the Bosch? I have the older 18v with the original batteries and 2 newer BlueCore batteries. The LiIon new set up looks good. I'll be sad when my gruppo finally bites the dust--8 tools(too many drills--hammer, compact, and Impactor driver) will be hard to replace. The planer is fantastic. Sure wish they had made the new LiIon batteries compatible as some others have done.

          Any reports on the new LiIon Bosch collection?