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  • planer blade changing

    Just thought I would ask if there is any good tips out there prior to trying to change blades for the 1st time? I looked at the instructions and they don't say much.

    Thanks for any help,

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    Re: planer blade changing

    Ridgid planer? If so, I believe that their knives are indexed so changing them should be pretty straight forward.
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      Re: planer blade changing

      I just bought a used Ridgid planer. It came in good shape with all the bells and whistles. It didn't come with an owner/operators manual so I downloaded them from the net. I was hoping there would be a chapter on changing the knives. No such luck. Can someone tell me where I can find instructions with or without pix on changing the knives on my 13" planer.

      Thanks, ilike2ls


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        Re: planer blade changing

        What do I need to change the blades in a Ridgid planer?

        With photos

        Search results took 3 seconds. You guys need to do a little more looking before
        you cry "UNCLE".

        Also, page 25 of the online manual details changing the blades.
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