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Ridgid mitre saw ruff start

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  • Ridgid mitre saw ruff start

    Hi Guy's, I purchased a Ridgid 1250 mitre saw last year. It was very smooth with a soft start but lately it starts very rough almost with a vibration. I've removed, cleaned, and tightened the blade. I've also snuged up the brushes but with no improvement. Has anyone else had this problem, is it a defect in the machine, it seems to be gettinng worse. Should I take back to HD, I asked the tool guy there last week but he didn't seem to have any knowledge or advice

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    Re: Ridgid mitre saw ruff start

    Assuming that you cleaned the blade and flanges real good
    The blade may be warped.
    Have you cut something that may have made the blade hot?
    If so it may have warped from the heat especially if it is
    a thin kerf blade without or has inadequate expansion slots.
    Over tightening the blade nut can also warp a blade.
    Is the blade burning the wood?

    Do you have another blade you can put on?
    If you have the same problem with another blade then
    you may have run out in the shaft or the shaft flange.
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      Re: Ridgid mitre saw ruff start

      Davet, thanks for the reply. I knew the blade was not bent or over heated but I removed and installed it again. This time I just snuged the screw on the lazer head, the roughness was gone. I adjusted the torque on the screw and could create the problem again. Over tightening the shaft screw or nut must pull the arbor creating a misalignment of brushes or bearings. Problem solved, injoying my new saw again. This forum is a great resource Thanks again Mac.