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Right angle driver/impact wrench

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  • Right angle driver/impact wrench

    I have the 12 volt right angled impact driver and have a problem with it. When I try to insert a screwdriver bit into the "chuck" it won't go in far or lock in. The bottom part of the "chuck" in frozen in a up position so there is less than 1/8" space to seat the bottom of the screwdriver bit. Also, the driver seems to make more noise (doesn't sound normal) when on - like a grinding noise.

    A new one costs $99.00, to fix this one, at least $55.00 (unless something else is discovered during repair). What should I do, Hmmm????

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    Re: Right angle driver/impact wrench

    Hmmm? If you purchased it within the last three years and have the receipt or registered it for the LLSA, simply take it to the nearest Ridgid authorised service center for a no cost repair.
    If you didn't take the time to do either of those things or purchased the tool used or on Ebay, reach for your wallet.
    I'm jealous, where do you find this tool for $99?......or maybe that explains why you might not have a warranty?


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      Re: Right angle driver/impact wrench

      I just used mine this last weekend to drive screws into a new bunch of cabinet topping crown moldings in an obviously tight spot between the cabinet tops and the ceiling.

      The device worked fine, although I will admit that it lacks the wallop of either of my 18-volt Ryobi standard impact wrenches. Still, it had power enough for driving 2-inch screws into pre-drilled holes. Note that I drilled those holes with a Ryobi right-angle drill that until now had not been used very much. Both the Ridgid wrench and Ryobi drill are rather specialized tools, but sometimes they obviously come in quite handy. They sure did this time.

      Mine had no mechanical glitches, although I wish the forward/reverse buttons were relocated more toward the battery pack end. It is too easy to bump them when trying to use the on/off lever in some tight situations.

      I suggest you exchange yours for a new model.

      Howard Ferstler