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Ridgid Professional Stainless Wet Dry Vac Gripes

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  • Ridgid Professional Stainless Wet Dry Vac Gripes

    Posted this in tool suggestions as well. Just bought this vacuum. Owned a Craftsman for 20 years. Gripes about the Ridgid WD1950. Whoever designed this obviously doesn't vacuum. All wheels should swivel. Ever do any vacuuming? You will know that the vacuum invariably gets pulled along by the hose. Try that with the WD1950. Not only will the WD1950 vac veer off to the side, at times it will turn right around and guess what. The first time I used this vac the sawdust that I'm trying to vacuum was sitting at the same height as the exhaust port on the WD1950 and gosh darn if the vac didn't swivel around and blow the sawdust all over. Huh. Point the exhaust straight up, or diffuse it, not full blast out the back. This is a professional vacuum. These are not well thought out design touches.
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    Re: Ridgid Professional Stainless Wet Dry Vac Gripes

    My vac , the orange plastic WD1850 like the SS VAC, had a muffler included that diffuses the exhaust. HD, Sears sell them too in the Vac access. section. I actually prefer that style of swivel on the front only, commercial types are like that. You can put a spring clamp on the rear wheel to hold the vac on an incline too. This is my favorite vac, quiet and efficient.

    Accessories Included: 2 Extension Wands, 2-1/2" x 7’ Positive Locking Hose, Utility Nozzle, Wet Nozzle, Multipurpose (Car) Nozzle, Crevice Tool, Noise Muffler, and High Efficiency Pleated Paper Filter treated with Microban