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  • Rant...Ridgid In Canada

    I recently bought the Lithium Ion Ridgid drill / driver combo. I didn't want the 4 or 5 piece combo because it always seemed to contain tools I didn't want. I had intentions of buying the cordless R8451 later but now I find that it is nearly impossible to find in Canada. I found lots on e-Bay and other on-line vendors but have not found a single one who would ship to Canada. I know there have been other threads on this but I thought "I'm sure I can find one". I am posting this for the sole purpose of expressing my extreme dissatisfaction with Ridgid. I can't believe that a company who currently makes a product, will be selective about who they sell it to or how they package it. I mean COME ON RIDGID......we are entering a should be grateful that consumers are wanting to purchase your products.......just make them available!!

    OK....I'm better now.......I think I'll have a nap.

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    Re: Rant...Ridgid In Canada

    Okay, wait. You're complaining about not being able to get the R8451? Correct me if I'm wrong here, but the 18 volt cordless circular saw, that came with a bag, charger and ONE nicad battery? And that retailed for around $279 or so here in Canada, and $249 in the U.S.??? Also, isn't this an item that's been around for 3 years or so, but you haven't had the chance to purchase it yet?

    There are a bunch of sellers on eBay who will ship to Canada. No one that I saw had the R8451, but many had the R8452, R845, etc., which are other/updated versions of Ridgid's 18 volt cordless circular saws.

    Otherwise, there's lots of better deals out there. You can get a good Ridgid corded circular saw for about 1/2 the price now that the R8451 saw sold for.

    And, unfortunately, let's face it - the HD stores in Canada aren't going to sell all of the exact same items that are sold at similar HD stores in the U.S. It's that way with many different stores (Wal-Mart, HD, Sears, Lowes, etc.) and many different products (Ridgid, Scott's lawncare supplies, candy bars, etc.). Also, it works both ways - we get some things here that U.S. customers can't get over there. It's just the way it is, always has been and always will be. Nothing new.