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3300 pressure washer will not start

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  • 3300 pressure washer will not start

    I just bought a ridgid 3300 pressure washer for the HD, it is my first pressure washer.

    It has a robbins engine and cat pump.

    I filled the tank with good gas, checked the oil, pump oil is up to the red dot.

    Hose is turned on, and pressed the handle until water was comming out of the nozzle with no air.

    Gas is on,
    Chock is on full.

    When I pull the cord, I get some smoke, and one our two putts, then it dies.

    I have try 3-5 times with the same results, then let it set, then try again.

    This is a new unit. Is there anything obvious I am doing wrong? or something that I can try?


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    Re: 3300 pressure washer will not start

    Sorry for the typo above,

    It should be
    Choke on

    FYI, I read a suggestion in another post that suggested try starting the unit with the hand wand disconnected. I tried that with the same results.

    This looks like a great unit, can't wait to get it going.



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      Re: 3300 pressure washer will not start

      Yes, try the choke on and then half off,


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        Re: 3300 pressure washer will not start

        Yeah most small engines benefit by a full choke until it pops once, then half choke to get it running and keep it there until a bit warm, then the choke off completely. Later!


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          Re: 3300 pressure washer will not start

          I had the exact same problem. Those pressure washers are designed to cut off or not start at all if there is not enough oil in the engine. If i were you, i would check the oil using one of the two dip sticks. If it looks low, add some oil...My pressure washer was brand new and i was suprised how low in oil it was. Obviously dont get oil happy and over fill though or else u will have a bigger problem on hand.

          One more thing. Dont add the oil where the red cap is on the pump. That is for the pump oil only. Add the oil where the dip stick is.

          hope this works. later