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Any 4pc Combo Owners?

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  • Any 4pc Combo Owners?

    Just saw the 4 pc max select combo at HD;

    Does anybody here own this set? I'm considering jumping to the LiIon bats and this is looking good.

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    Re: Any 4pc Combo Owners?

    I don't need another drill and don't need another impact driver, otherwise this would be a great set. I've not tried it, but I'm not sure I'd like the autoshift drill.

    Just note these are the small batteries. They will work OK in these tools and make them lighter compared to the bigger batteries, but if you also want to use them in any of the saws, you might find they run down quicker than you might expect.

    I keep seeing this in the store, and am really tempted to buy it because it is a great deal, but when I stop and think what I am really getting .... I don't need the drills, I get a light I would use, but don't need, I already have a Ryobi radio; this is better, but again I don't need, so all I get is 2 small LI batteries and a charger. Not really worth $200 to me.


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      Re: Any 4pc Combo Owners?

      I just bought this last week. So far I love it, I haven't had a problem with any of my lithiums so far. The lithium battery lasts just as long as the regular Ni-cad the only thing that takes some getting used to is when they are drained the just stop. They don't run slow until they die. I bought this combo for the autoshift drill. I can always use another impact driver, the light I may use and the radio probably won't. To buy the autoshift drill alone was 229 or the combo for 199, I can't really go wrong. The trigger on the auto drill takes some getting used to because it's a longer trigger than most of the other drills, so it feels like its a harder trigger to pull. I would definitely register it for the lifetime service agreement. It seems worthwhile, especially on the autoshift drill. I'm a little worried about the whole shifting setup and how it will withstand the abuse.
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