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  • Drill Bit Accessory Kits

    I recently acquired yet another case of drill bits (they are really adding up!) and the first thing I noticed was how horrible the case is. It's practically useless. I'll need pliers to pull out the bits.

    I got to thinking about the cases themselves instead of the contents. I realized that I have three kits with practically the same contents, but I grab the same one 90% of the time because of how easy it is to use as far as removing and replacing bits.

    Has anyone else noticed this? Do you ever consider the case itself when looking to buy a kit? Do any brands stick out as good or bad in general?

    I went into it in much more detail on my blog (The Collegiate Handyman), but I'd like to hear some thoughts here since the holidays are coming up and these make for great gifts.

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    Re: Drill Bit Accessory Kits

    Junk in a pretty package is still junk. I'd never think of buying a drill bit set based solely on how it's packaged. If I didn't like the way a product comes in and out of its storage box I'd just make something that was more functional.
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      Re: Drill Bit Accessory Kits

      I consider this to a tiny degree, and only with drill bits.

      I have a set of DeWalt bits that are in a big blow-molded case, about the size of a small laptop bag. Bits going in and out just fine.

      I have a Ryobi set of bits which I picked up for about $10 last year during the holidays, and it *rolls up*. The bit quality is, frankly, about the same between the two kits, but I generally throw the roll into my tool bag if I'm headed somewhere in the house or outside to do some drillin. Sole reason: takes up less room and doesn't slide around. The plastic DeWalt case takes up 1/3 of my tool bag and only like to sit flat.

      This Ryobi set has a great assortment of bits and was a bargain, but I LOVE this set for the rolling-up reason and the fact it stays put on everything... dirt, table, hood of my car, side deck of the lawnmower, draped over a log, on stair treads, etc...


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        Re: Drill Bit Accessory Kits

        Hate the plastic cases that most drill bit sets come in now. They either make the bits too friggin hard to remove and put back, or they fall out all the time. I have a DeWalt drill index (29 pc. set I believe) that my wife bought for me a few years ago. It came in a sweet metal case that the bits never fell out of and were easy to remove. Hard to find those type of bit cases anymore.
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