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Bandsaw Adjustment Question

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  • Bandsaw Adjustment Question

    I have an older Ridgid 14" bandsaw. The saw was running very rough so I changed the belt to a v-belt and cut down the vibration to where it will pass the nickel test. Now that I had the vibration out of it, I decided to do a little tuning. I checked the tracking first and found that the blade was riding on the outside edge of the tire so I adjusted it back to the middle. Turned the saw on and the blade was tracking fine but now a new noise had started (like something was scraping) along with a burning rubber smell. Couldn't find anything scraping. So here are the questions:

    1. Could the blade be cutting the tire?
    2. The cool blocks look like they are ready for retirement. Could that be the scraping?
    3. Could the v-belt be the problem?

    Thank you in advance for any help you might give!!

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    Re: Bandsaw Adjustment Question

    Burning rubber smell can only be two things:
    - The V-belt or the craptacular rubber tires on the wheels.

    On my bandsaw my rubber wheels were already stretched and old when I bought it. Within the first few hours of using it the tires kept slipping off the wheels and rubbing against the inside of the wheel housing. Smelled AWFUL.

    If this indeed the problem, you have two options: remove and glue the rubber tires back on (this is NOT the option you should choose); or replace the tires with urethane tires available from just about any woodworking supplier. These should last you years and years, if not a lifetime of use.


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      Re: Bandsaw Adjustment Question

      After you re-centered the blade, did you reset the upper and lower blade guides? The scraping noise you're hearing could be the blade rubbing against one or both of them.
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