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  • Lechat - First time in the Ridgid Forum

    Hey everyone,

    I got a question submitted to me in a PM by a new member, and it sounds like he wants some recommendations for help, but doesn't know how to start a thread. So, let's help him out...

    Originally posted by Lechat
    I just bought a new 12" sliding miter saw MS1290LZA.
    Just assembled it to the new table AC9944.
    I would like to store it, for the winter, in my garage which is not heated. Here, it may go down to below 25 or 30 sometimes.
    I plan to use it in the garage on occasions this winter.
    Can I do this ? Will the freezing cold affect the saw ?

    By the way, it is the first time I write in this forun so tell me how can I write to all of you out there to receive answers from more than one person.
    I saw your username in the forum page and I used it to write to somebody for the first time.

    Thank you for your answer...
    No, the cold weather shouldn't negatively affect the saw. I would, however, allow a little "warm-up" period, if you will, when you first start it up in this cold weather. First, you should move all of the movable parts (with the unit unplugged for safety, of course), to ensure that nothing has moisture which has frozen solid. This includes moving the saw blade manually, to ensure it is not stuck. Then, after plugging it in, I would start up the saw, and allow it to run for about 10 to 20 seconds, at full RPM, but with no load (not cutting anything), to allow the electric motor to warm-up and get ready for a work load. That would be what I would do. I wouldn't worry too much about cold affecting the operation of this saw, as it is an electric tool, and not quite the same as a gasoline operated tool, which are affected more by temperature extremes. The only thing I would really look for and worry about is frozen moisture causing movable parts to freeze.

    Also, to start your own thread, just follow the hotlinks to whatever forum pages/sections you want to start a thread in (Powertools, Open Discussion, Woodworking, etc.). Then, just click on the blue "Start Forum" button, up near the top left corner of the listing page, and start your own thread, just like posting a question.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Lechat - First time in the Ridgid Forum

    Hello !

    Had to go twice in this site to find out how to read your answer.
    Thank you very much for your reply and help anyway, canucksartech.



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      Re: Lechat - First time in the Ridgid Forum

      No problem.


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        Re: Lechat - First time in the Ridgid Forum

        I think your reply to the "newbie" was excellent advice and well put.Having members with your knowledge makes reading this forum worthwhile.


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          Re: Lechat - First time in the Ridgid Forum

          Wow, thanks. Very much appreciated. Obviously, though, you don't know me, or my wife!