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6" ORS throwing sanding discs

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  • 6" ORS throwing sanding discs

    Hey Guys, My 6" Ridgid ORS is throwing off sanding disks after 4-6-10 disks. The sanding disks won't stick to the backing pad. I even put a new one on there and it still happens. I'm in the middle of a big job sanding texture off walls. Why won't the sanding disks stick to the backing pad? Much Thanks, Tim

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    Re: 6" ORS throwing sanding discs

    If your sander uses hook & loop paper than more than likely the hooks on the pad have worn out and the pad needs to be replaced. Also could be a buildup of saw dust on the pad and using some compressed air to clean the pad might help.

    If you sander uses PSA paper than you could have a buildup of dried adhesive on the pad. Use an adhesive remover to clean the pad.
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      Re: 6" ORS throwing sanding discs

      I have found a stiff bristle brush will help in cleaning and "roughing up" the hook and loop plate, in addition to blowing it clean with compressed air. Often the sanding disc will also slip if not properly applied.

      Don't simply "slap" the disc on the pad. APPLY the disc. Align the holes and then with your hand rub across the entire surface of the sanding disc to ensure it grips a large area of the hook and loop pad. Be sure to also purchase quality sanding discs..the cheap ones tend to fall off more frequently!

      Fine sanding dust and too much pressure applied while sanding will flatten out the hook and loop pad. Think about those shoes with Velcro straps..they too lose their grip as they get dirty and fill up with debris.

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