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Reconditioned Ridgid Tools?

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  • Reconditioned Ridgid Tools?

    Hi all, anyone had any experiences with "Reconditioned" Ridgid tools? I see quite a few cordless drills available on various websites. Obviously I would rather stick with brand new and the lifetime warranty when buying tools. I don't think I would buy a recon. tool but just wondering what everyone's experiences with these have been. Maybe my 12" dual compound miter saw with defective bevel lock would end up as "reconditioned" if I sent it back for repair or returned it to H. Despot..????

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    Re: Reconditioned Ridgid Tools?

    any reconditioned tools i've purchased were tools i didn't rely on extensively. probably most importantly, ridgid does not offer their lifetime warranty on reconditioned tools. you get a one year warranty.
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