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  • Used Ridgid Band Saw

    A local fellow has offered a used Ridgid 14" Band Saw on Craigslist for a very good price. He claims that it was only used once. (The photo doesn't tell me much.)

    I need some advice on what I should be looking for when I go to evaluate the saw. What are good indicators of the condition? Where are the most likely "gotchas" in a band saw?

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    Re: Used Ridgid Band Saw

    if you search the threads in this forum, there are many postings about the ridgid bandsaw, and many of them are not terribly complimentary. my recollection is out of balance wheels was a recurring theme, so check the proposed machine carefully.
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      Re: Used Ridgid Band Saw

      Thanks. I had paged through the Forum and found a mixture of comments. Some about issues, others that said everything was fine. The advertised price and my personal budget suggested that I ought to at least look it over. (Buying a decent, serviceable used piece of equipment that leaves $ left for other needs ... well, you know! )


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        Re: Used Ridgid Band Saw

        I seem to recall that many have had to spend $100-$200 extra on their Ridgid BS's to get them setup and running right.
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          Re: Used Ridgid Band Saw

          If you're getting it to resaw, you may want to reconsider the brand. If you just need it for some light cutting duties, it's a very serviceable saw. The one and only upgrade I've done to mine so far is a link belt. It was cheap and made a lot of difference. I do resaw some small hardwoods (maple, walnut, hickory, cherry) with mine, and it does ok. The 6" height is a real pain for resawing, so I'm going to replace it with a dedicated 12" resaw-capable Rikon at some point.

          make sure to check the tires on the wheels for wear. That's where wear will show the most. Take a level/straightedge with you and check the table for flatness. level isn't as important as having a flat table. Check it to see if it's 90 degrees to the blade, as well (if there's one on it). Turn it on and see if it'll spin. If there's no blade, you can't do that. You might want to check w/the seller first to see if he has a blade already on the saw. It comes with one from the factory. You'll want to replace that with a Timberwolf or similar brand very soon anyway.

          There will be some shaking in the saw in it's standard configuration. There's things that can be done to minimize that, such as the link belt and better tires and balancing the wheels.

          If it seems like it's shaking too much, don't get it. There's other saws out there, and the Ridgid Bandsaw is not the best on the market. While for the money it's a decent saw, for not a lot more, there are better out there.
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