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    Purchased a Ridgid jointer about a year and a half ago. Always had some issues with it from day one which I discounted as inexperience. Finally got frustrated enough to investigate and found that the end of the outfeed table closest to the knives has a depression/cup in it that runs paralell to the knives (perpendicular to the fence). Ridgid support has been dismal and even the service center won't investigate/pursue the issue under warranty. So basically I have a $500 pile of cast iron that can't properly joint a board. Very disappointed so far with customer service and warranty from ridgid. When you call call Ridgid, they immediately tell you to take it to the service center. Take it to the service center and basically get told that Ridgid will not acknowledge that there is an issue with the product. Setting a straight edge perpendicular to the fence is all the investigation that needs to be done to show that something is wrong. Anyone else have these types of issues with Ridgid warranty/service? I was going to drop 5-6K on new tools in January and it certainly won't be on Ridgid products if this is the type of service that I can expect.
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    Re: Ridgid Jointer

    I think your troubles lie more with the Service Center than Ridgid. If everything is as you say, the Service Center should fight for you not give you lame excuses. I can't believe that Ridgid would not replace a defective part and it sure sounds like you have a casting defect. I'd demand that the Service Center setup a time for you to meet with the local Ridgid Rep. and have him/her take a look at your jointer. I"m not saying Ridgid is blame free here but it sure sounds to me like you have a case of a lazy Service Center more than a case where Ridgid is not willing to honor its warranty. Unless your jointer was bought used or is a reconditioned unit you should still be within their 3 Year Warranty against manufactured defects.

    If all else fails, send a PM to ProBrand here at this forum. He works for Ridgid and has handled problems with Service Centers in the past.
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      Re: Ridgid Jointer

      I kinda agree with Badger Dave. Sounds like the problem is with the Service Center personnel. Change service centers if it's at all possible and it just might be a better fit for you. Had the same thing happen to me on a service related (unrelated to Ridgid) problem and I just changed service centers and have been taking my tools there ever since (and fortunately Ridgid uses them too). Have about 4 to 5 Home Depots in the area that I do business, but I'm partial to only one as they just seem to fit my style. Same with the service centers.