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Winterizing a pressure washer

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  • Winterizing a pressure washer

    What is the proper procedure to winterize a gas powered pressure washer and hoses?

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    Re: Winterizing a pressure washer

    Where will it be stored?
    Above or below freezing?

    Winterize the gas engine/stabilize or drain fuel
    Drain all water from pump cavity
    Drain hoses and attachments of water
    Pump oil will need a change. Is it better to do it before putting it up for the winter or in the spring?
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      Re: Winterizing a pressure washer

      Thanks, Bob

      If I could store inside above freezing no need to winterize, eh

      I could drag it into the basement but I'm sure the mrs. would have me sleeping in the unheated garage

      So no need to run antifreeze through pump?

      Where do I dump the drained off fuel?

      Should I have done this a month ago?


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        Re: Winterizing a pressure washer

        Use that old fuel in a crappy vehicle if you have one.

        I wouldn't use anti-freeze in the pump. Go to Lowe's, Home Depot, Sears and pick up some Pump Saver and use it in the pump. It not only winterizes the pump it also has mineral oil in it to lubricate the parts/seals. Well worth the small price to pay.

        Also drain any hoses, detergent line, wand/gun, etc. Later!


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          Re: Winterizing a pressure washer

          bill i never drain the fuel just use some stable and fill the tank ,i do this to all my yard engines . my snow blower has the same gas in it for 2yrs and it still starts .

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