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Tool Repair Downtime (Gripe thread for Tool Repairs)

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  • Tool Repair Downtime (Gripe thread for Tool Repairs)

    Anyone have any power tools, any tools in the shop being repaired?

    I have a Bosch 1124VSR Hammer Drill that I put in the shop, in October.

    Thank goodness I have a backup drill, because the company I gave it to told me a couple weeks. ???

    I put it in the shop because I've never had any problems with the drill, but this year it started leaking oil/grease out the vents and I knew that the seals were bad.

    $105 is what they told me it would cost to fix it. I guess I should put some heat on them to get it done.

    They told me that more contractors were repairing than replacing these days due to the economy and what not. A lot of my power tools are getting around 18-20 years old but they all work quite well.

    My dewalt sawzall, all it needs is the blade holder put back on it....just gotta find it out there in the garage. I've been using my dad's all this time, a porter-cable sawzall.

    I guess it's obvious for most that "some" tools are a must have and can't wait for the one in repair to be fixed.

    I own duplicates of many tools, but I'm not too keen on spending hundreds of dollars on an item that's rarely used when it goes in for repair.

    Like for example my 60 pound Hitachi electric jackhammer; shaft seals have been leaking for years. I keep plenty of oil in it to prevent any problems but I can't see it being a big deal if I lost posession of it for a couple months while it was being fixed.

    Bad or good experiences, post here.
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    Re: Tool Repair Downtime (Gripe thread for Tool Repairs)

    there are certain tools that you can't afford to be without a backup.

    propress has no way around it.

    i fix my own tools, just because i know when i need it and they don't.

    the only tool i've sent in was a propress and it was under warranty. they even ups it back to me on their dime in under a week

    typical tool repairs stop at 50% of new cost.

    phoebe it is