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  • 12 inch slider

    Just bought a New 12 inch double bevel slider with adjustable lazer. As well as the MS-UV. The lazer adjusts fine and the whole setup is awesome. Thankyou RIDGID. Next The 10 inch table saw with colapsable stand. The 21 inch belt sander the drum belt oscitating sander,palm sander quarter sheet. I wonder why since the RIDGID tools are orange and black why the don't have a Harley Davidson series? I would buy all of those. Just checked the saw for 45 degree bevel and 45 degree miter plus 45 degree combination .Dead on full slide travel in all .Thanks again RIDGID.Alltough I did notice some flex in the head assembly at the full out position in the 45 bevel. But realized i was still trying to push down instead of pushing with the angle of the head.I found it was a natural habit to still push down instead of following the angle of the head.Once i corrected this habit no problems dead on.
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