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Ridgid BS1400 Bandsaw Issues....

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  • Ridgid BS1400 Bandsaw Issues....

    I've had one of these Bandsaws for about 4 months now and last week, the wheel alignment finger (it's the gray metal piece behind the upper wheel that the horizontal adjustment screw controls) snapped off. So I called Ridgid and once I found someone who could email me the schematics I was able to tell them which part to send me (part number 824283 for reference). I got that in today and went down stairs to install it. I hadn't even fully tensioned the blade and I heard a loud POP like before. I called Ridgid, Got another unqualified "customer service rep" that just doesn't seem to understand tools or customer service. I tried to call back to get someone else, but they closed at 4pm EST. Needless to say from my frustration, she has to "speak with her manager" on Monday to determine if they will issue me a new part or I have to haul this thing to Customer Service Center. (I'd sooner junk it then haul it to a Customer Service Center)

    That said, Both the original part and the replacement part are crap. When you look at the inside of the metal, I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did.

    Does anyone know of any other model that has a better assembly that I could replace this part with? From all the issues folks have had with Ridgid CS, I'm fully expecting to have to buy something on my own.

    Thanks for any assistance.