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  • Rookie question....

    I was given a Ridgid 24V Cordless hammer-drill (R851150) for Christmas....tool only, no battery. Are there any compatible (other brand) batteries that will work with my drill unit? I was also told that my drill could take an 18V Ridgid battery? (Is that so?)

    Thanks for any info / tips you might be able to share!
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    Re: Rookie question....

    Nope, other brand batteries will not be compatible with the drill. The 24v batteries are not sold alone except in other kits or the starter pack which included a single battery and charger but I'm not sure it's available anymore. The Ridgid 24v drills will work with any type of Ridgid 18v battery pack although with a little less power. Battery life will also vary depending on what type of 18v pack is used.


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      Re: Rookie question....

      Welcome to the forum.
      As Velo stated, 18V LI or NiCad batts will work with the 24V Hammer drill. We have several of the 24V hammer drills and they are powerfull and capable, albiet heavy performers. New Ridgid batteries including the 24V LI batts are available on Ebay. They don't include the LSA, however none of the individual Ridgid batts sold at HD have the LSA. Unfortunately that valuable feature is only included with the Ridgid batts that are sold and registered with tool sets. See below for Ebay link....
      Happy drilling......Ray