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  • diamonf drill bits

    I need to drill a 1 1/4" faucet hole in 1" thick granite counter top. Home Depot carries some RIDGID diamond drill bits. Will these core bits work for this application?

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    Re: diamonf drill bits

    i just saw one last time i was there. i don't recall what they looked like.

    the ones i use are a turbo core and i do run some water.

    if you can do it without a pilot hole, it's a lot easier. the pilot hole is still a carbide bit and i wouldn't attempt to drill a 1/4'' pilot with a roto hammer.

    check also at the tile department. they might carry the diamond bit too.

    granite is very hard and attempting to drill using the wrong set up can be costly. practice on a piece of scrap if you have one

    phoebe it is