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TS3660 trunnion problem

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  • TS3660 trunnion problem

    I got a new ts3660 and am trying to assemble it but I am having some problems. Right now I'm trying to align the blade to the miter slot and I can't
    get the 1/8 inch clearance at the front of the throat plate. I have no movement side to side after loosening all six trunnion bolts. I can move the assembly a little front to back so I know it's not just stiff. Any suggestions?

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    Re: TS3660 trunnion problem

    Some have had similar problems with the 3650. First, try setting a few degrees bevel on the blade, and then try to move the trunnion further right. Snug the trunnion down and then return it to vertical. When you do this, set the micro adjusting lever to the middle, to allow fine adjustment both ways after tightening the front bolts.

    However, mine came out about 1/32 less than 1.8", but I do not have any problem running a 45 degree bevel. The reason for the 1/8 " clearance is to ensure you have enough clearance on the blade to bevel it to 45 degrees. As long the blade is not hitting the insert when beveled to 45 degrees, you don't have a problem. Although I usually use zero clearance inserts (which make the 1/8" clearance moot), I do use the stock insert if I only have a couple cuts, or am not concerned about tear out on the work piece.

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