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ts2410ls riving knife?

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  • ts2410ls riving knife?

    Does anyone know if Ridgid is coming out with a newer model ts2410ls with a riving knife?
    My current saw has the same "splitter" on it and I find that I basically just leave it off all the time. But, with safety in mind, the riving knife sure seems to be the best option.
    I'm just about to pull the trigger on a new saw (replacing a Ryobi BT3100) but, want the latest, greatest equipment.
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    Re: ts2410ls riving knife?

    From what I have heard any existing design (prior to Jan 1, 2008) can continue to be sold until 1/31/2010. This meaning that designs such as the 3660 and 3650 and the 2400 which have a splitter/guard assembly can continue to be sold. Any new design TS brought to market (post 1/1/2008) must have a riving knife. Read about it here.

    New safety standards adopted by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) will require riving knives and easy to remove/replace guards for certification. As of Jan. 1, 2008, brand-new table saws must include riving knives, not just splitters (which only work when the blade guard is on), in order to earn UL certification. And guards must be capable of being removed and/or replaced in 20 seconds WITHOUT the use of tools.

    It isn't till Jan. 31, 2010, however, that existing table saw models must be redesigned to include a riving knife. Expert reviews note that a convenient blade guard - with good visibility and tool-free removal and replacement for certain cuts - is another crucial safety feature. So is an on-off switch that's easy to reach with your knee or hip in an emergency.

    See Riving Knives-Report from AWFS 2007 on the Popular Woodworking site.

    The industry, the Power Tool Institute, the CPSC, and UL have been going back and forth about changes to Table Saw guarding for years. Riving knives were being looked at as far back as Nov. 2001 and before that even I suspect. Want to read about it, go here. This is the meeting where Dr. Gauss first presented his SawStop technology to the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) I believe.
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