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R4330 thickness planer table adjustments

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  • R4330 thickness planer table adjustments

    trying to level the input and output tables seems to be difficult. putting a level on all three; input, output and center cutter table should be level but not so. any suggestions on how to get all three to be level. seems that the two outer tables have a slant that is not adjustable.

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    Re: R4330 thickness planer table adjustments

    I hate to tell you, but you're aiming for the wrong goal.

    Both infeed and outfeed should be just a tad higher at their outer ends than the cutting bed, not level across the three spaces.

    One way to measure and set this up, is to have the outfeed table edge be higher than the cutting bed by the thickness of one penny.

    So, put some pennies on the cutting bed, lay a *long* straightedge across that line and level the feed tables to those. This all but eliminates snipe, FYI, because your boards will have a little upward support when entering and exiting. The three points of contact (feed table edge, cutting bed, first roller wheel) will help stop entering/existing snipe.


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      Re: R4330 thickness planer table adjustments

      Thanks for the input. I'll give the pennies a try, shortly after I ask the Feds for a penny bailout.


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        Re: R4330 thickness planer table adjustments

        I used the "penny" set-up but, I placed a 4' level across both sides of the main table then, lowered the head enough to hold them in place while I fiddled with the adjusting bolts. It just kept everything in place till I finished. No snipe problems ever since !
        Do like you always do,,,,,,Get what you always get!!


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          Re: R4330 thickness planer table adjustments

          The penny trick, along with slightly lifting the board during infeed and outfeed, has all but eliminated snipe. Thanks for the tips.
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